About Us

hello this is yue!

I love creating illustrations and also sharing my art with you all. I've been at it since 2007, when I was just 9 years old and discovering the existence of digital art for the first time. 


a little background about my work

One of my favourite things about art is being able to bottle up the feelings from a moment in time to then later share with others. Even through the cloudiest of days, I find myself gravitating towards conveying hopeful and calm atmospheres in my illustrations.

Art has been an escape for me. I discovered something that kept me stable throughout difficult times. A purpose I could always return to, something that distracted my mind and seemed to be appreciated by others. And so, I kept at it. 


about the shop

This shop was brought into existence thanks to my childhood friend who was suddenly hit with the desire to start up a sticker shop but lacked stickers so she decided to help me instead.